David Deicke discusses the recent rise in apprenticeship enrolments

David Deicke explains why online website blogs are so great for small businesses

David Deicke discusses the recent rise in apprenticeship enrolments

I believe more people joining the apprenticeships and traineeships programs than before, and it is noted the National Centre for Vocational Education Research stated the same thing recently.

The Centre stated that trainee commencements increased from 26,400 in the September 2014 quarter to 31,700 in the December 2014 quarter, while trade commencements increased from 19,900 to 21,500.

This is a definite increase in apprenticeship numbers, maybe because of the recent concern on apprenticeship numbers which brought out crisis meetings between the Australian Council for Private Education and Training, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, TAFE Directors Australia, the National Association of Apprenticeship Centres and the Industry Skills Councils.

David Deicke stated that it may only be a slight upswing, but that’s all good news for the industry.

John Osborn, director of economics and industry policy at ACCI, stated that “Business welcomes early positive signs in the apprenticeships and trainee commencements, but it is far too early to claim mission accomplished. We would want to see much stronger results over a period of time”.

ACCI has warned the government that the large reductions in employment incentives for employers of trainees and apprenticeships have resulted in a dramatic drop in the number of commencements.”

I think we need to look closer at what is causing the downturn in apprenticeship sign ups, and try to encourage more people into apprenticeship programs.

As a local business owner blogger in Melbourne I can assure you we highly value our apprentices and often hire them permanently full time once they graduate.

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