Top 5 Software Tools David Deicke recommends Entrepreneurs invest in

David Deicke has five tips for entrepreneurs

Top 5 Software Tools David Deicke recommends Entrepreneurs invest in

David Deicke recommends various entrepreneur tools, but today we focus on the top five that he recommends, that currently have many options freely available for you to choose from.

1/ Virtual Computer Storage

Rather than only use your own PC to store your documents on your PC, why not get some virtual storage as back up – and you can then access it anywhere any time.  Most people already know about this tool, but Chromebooks and ability to convert and edit Microsoft Office documents make Google Drive (and accompanying Docs and Sheets) a great way to collaborate and share documents with your clients, freelancers or employees.

2/ Online Project Management Programs

David has found that for as little as $5 a month, there are some great online project management software available to use. For example is a free project-management tool that allows teams to communicate without emailing each other in one central location. Many entrepreneurs work with virtual teams so you will see the advantage of this software very fast, a great tool to stay in touch.

3/ Event Management Websites

If you are looking to drum up business within your local community, try a and get some industry peers together, with top speakers, you can even charge for the event. can sell your tickets to local events too.

4/ Your Own Blog

Just like this website, you can easily get a great looking and fully functional Blog up and running in no time, and it’s great for online marketing you may do later.

5/ Linkedin Social Platform

Once accepted by LinkedIn to join its content publishing platform, you have free reign to contribute content as much as you want. It is wise to only post original content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn gets indexed faster than Blogs and websites, so its content will show in the search engines faster and potentially gives you better visibility on Google than your own company Blog. That’s amazing!

So if you are an entrepreneur and want to get your business utilising all the modern day tools available, start with these and you will never look back.

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