David Deicke explains staff productivity and how to achieve it

David Deicke business manager and staff productivity

David Deicke explains staff productivity and how to achieve it

I’m David Deicke, entrepreneur, and I often hear business owners complaining that their employees aren’t productive enough, they don’t listen to them and they are not consistently getting the job done. I then get asked how I keep my team focused, getting them to do what I ask of them, and work hard.

As a business owner, my employees must be focused, they must do what I ask of them and work hard. I blog about this regularly.

What am I doing that is different from the rest?

Put simply, I ask them to do one task at a time, and be aware of other things going on around them. Of course we work on this concept often, ultimately, I want them to be aware and a master of their space.

I teach them about awareness by constantly asking them to be aware of the work piling up, and at the same time to focus on finishing the job they are working on. But not working on two jobs at once. Sounds simple, but for busy workers this can be tough.

I show them better mastery techniques by assigning them their workload as soon as I have it to my hand, and they can see their work ahead on one sheet. I want them to know they can make their quota easily if they are organised. As the week progresses, they may fall behind, and I accept that can be unavoidable, but I do encourage them to try to catch up.

These two simple concepts have a tremendous effect on their productivity. They have more confidence in their ability to make their quotes because they “know” that they have my confidence in doing so. I don’t need to yell at them or rush them, because they have developed awareness of what they are doing and seeing. Now let’s see how you can use this in your successful small business.

As a business owner, I put these two key principles to work in training my employees. From the first day on the job, I work with them to be aware of what tasks are needed, what I expect of them, how I want customers treated, etc. When correction is needed, it is usually in one of these two areas. They are either unaware of what is needed or they haven’t mastered the task at hand.

Not only does following these two concepts make it easy for me to get results my business needs to be profitable, but it also brings better results. And I know it works with my employees because they show up on time happy, focused and ready to work. Being aware and mastering your work is the key to a successful small business.