David Deicke talks about how small business owners need some down time too

David Deicke talks about turning on and off devices

David Deicke talks about how small business owners need some down time too

Do you take your laptop on holidays? Do you carry your mobile phone on you at all times? It is now believed that around 1/3 of people take their laptops on holidays. You have probably seen people sitting at restaurants, searching their phones. Often the family members are not happy about it!

Mobile phones are really handy accessories now, and we all take them for advantage and get more work done as a result. Having the internet on our mobile phones has also spoilt us, but they do come at a cost.

What would you prefer – to take calls anytime, anywhere – or take some time out, when people can’t call you?

We live in a complex world especially with the level of connectivity available, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling that we are victims of other people. People often complain about having to answer their phone. But they don’t have to. They choose to.

If you don’t want to be reached, you can “turn off your device.” If you have to be reachable because your job requires it, then the question may be “Am I in the right job?” Or, have you simply trained people that you are “always available.” Customer service is great, but it doesn’t require 24/7 response. It requires good communication. It’s highly frustrating to leave a message and get no response for days, but few situations would suffer if the response came one hour later so you could have lunch with a colleague without interruption.

Connectivity can also be very addictive. And what does it really have to do with productivity? If you want to help others then create and sustain a productive environment so everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives. When used appropriately, connectivity does help you accomplish your work and enable you to play. But it can also undermine your priorities at work, destroy your health, and poison your relationships when used inappropriately.

The issue is not whether you take your laptop on your next holiday or not. For some people, the ability to check e-mail once a day on their holiday brings them peace of mind and it can be done when others are sleeping or swimming. For others, the whole idea of a holiday is not taking a laptop at all. There is no “right” or “wrong.” The question is whether your choice is enhancing or diminishing your life and the lives of the people around you.


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