Why Boomers want Big Results from Small Business by Dave Deicke

Dave Deicke talks about the baby boomers who want to work through retirement

Why Boomers want Big Results from Small Business by Dave Deicke

I’m Dave Deicke, and I know that as Baby Boomers approach retirement age many are consider alternatives to retirement. They love to work, they want to feel part of something, so they want to keep going with that life.

A growing number of boomers plan to forgo golf, travel and other pursuits so they can continue working through what have long been considered the retirement years. Apparently over 80% of people born between 1946 to 1964 plan to continue working after retirement!

Is that you?

Some are starting a small business for the very first time. In fact, AARP (USA) reported that 40 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs are over 50.

My advice is to try to build a home business, to save on rent and expenses. Then your career allows you to decide everything from how much time you want to dedicate to your business to where you want to be located.

Avoid an office, and many experts believe that taking a business online is the easiest way to accomplish your goal of working while maintaining freedom. If your small business is located online, you have low overhead costs and can be found by customers around the globe without regard to where you are located.

Be found online as every business can be helped with a presence on the Web. This is easier than it seems if you work with a reputable digital solutions partner.

My best advice is “Do What You Enjoy.”

Work on a passion you have longed to your whole life, make the most of the later years with money and an interesting venture.



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