David Deicke talks about what to do when fear gets in the way of your business success

david deicke talks about business success

David Deicke talks about what to do when fear gets in the way of your business success

What happens when you want something really bad but something is holding you back? Sometimes it feels like an ache or a hunger and it completely stops you achieving your goals. Then what happens when we finally get what we want? Are we finally satisfied or do we find that our desires have moved on to bigger and better things?

“Be careful what you wish for” implies that there will be a negative outcome if you actually get what you want. This saying is actually a phrase that is steeped in fear.

Over the centuries there have been many stories written about people who wished for something and when they got it bad things happened to them. The unfortunate thing about these stories is that they are mostly circulated when we are children. We are told stories about people who wished for things that when they got them, the bad things started to happen. So let’s dissect a theory on where these stories may have had their origin.

Fear is the biggest problem in entrepreneurs. Fear of failure, fear of losing your money, losing your home, whatever you value. And it can stop you moving forward.

So what do you do if fear is stopping you?

It’s almost like you have to be like a child. You try telling a child who wants something, that they can’t have it! You can often find yourself in a relentless battle with children telling them that they can not have everything that they want. So what would be an easy way to say no without actually using the word?

It could be from as far back as our childhood. As kids, we are often told that we should be grateful for what we have, and not to ask for things we haven’t earned. It be that as a child you were programmed to believe that if something very good was to happen, that something very bad would follow. It could be as simple as that.

It’s like we sabotage ourselves and prevent good things happening. We begin to suffer from the “what if’s” and the “unknowns”. We begin to worry that if we actually achieve the success that we seek, that something bad is going to happen, and it probably will, like Murphy’s Law.

When you begin to experience success in any form, it is important to be prepared to experience the fear of failure, or the fear of something bad happening. When you are getting close to success you should try to notice the voices from your past that tell you something bad is coming and ignore them. You might even say out loud that it is not true, that nothing bad will happen if you succeed.

Review more positive attitude materials and read something motivational on a regular basis, like my BLOG. Attend more positive thinking seminars, at least twice a year if possible, dedicated to overcoming limiting beliefs. It is important to exercise your abilities to fight against fear, just as important as it is to exercise the rest of your body.

Learn to overcome your fears and empower yourself to succeed. Practice more of this on a regular basis and you will soon find yourself achieving things that you never before thought possible.

I still believe, and always will, that it is mind over matter.


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