Are small revenue clients worth keeping?

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Are small revenue clients worth keeping?

A big question, especially among newly established computer consulting professionals is this: “I have some smaller clients with two to five PCs. Since they’re very close and they’re willing to pay our hourly rate and understand that I can schedule them when I can, is there a problem in keeping them as clients? Until I establish myself with more larger clients, I’d hate to lose this income.”

Are Smaller Clients worth Your Time?

This is a time management problem, more than anything else. If you have a way to keep everyone happy, then that’s ok. You need to leave time to do your marketing campaigns out, to get your follow-up phone calls out and network, etc.

Don’t take the only excess time that you have in a given week and devote it to servicing just those smaller clients who are probably not going to grow substantially bigger over the next 2-3 years.

Be Sure To Schedule Time for Marketing for bigger Clients

Many consulting professionals have told us that they are spending so much time taking care of running and operating a store that it’s very difficult to find the time to read marketing books and learn other new skills, then get out and practice them.